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Court and Rebecca Andersen started the Wake ‘N Bakery in 2003 when Court began baking desserts and baked goods for Graham’s Restaurant and Graham Store. We were approached by John and Drew Adams, who asked if we would operate a coffee cart on the porch of the Glacier Ski Shop. On December 24th, 2004, we served our first latte on the porch. With an espresso machine, a batch of fresh baked scones, and a passion for all things good, the adventure began!

The first winter was very challenging as the ski season barely existed with extremely low snowfall and very little tourist traffic. However, our new customers encouraged us to keep going and we loved supplying our friends with the fuel to power their journeys. Soon, the word spread about our little coffee shop. People from far and near found us in the charming hamlet of Glacier, on their way to and from the wonders of the Mt. Baker region.

We eventually outgrew the comfy confines of the porch and purchased our current location in 2010. This allowed us to expand our menu with hot breakfast and lunch options, increased selection of baked goods, and lots of great merchandise. Most importantly though, we now have more room for our customers to relax and enjoy their time here. Proud to call this place home, the Wake ‘N Bakery team shares our love of the area with everyone who walks through our doors.

Our team looks at every day, and every new season, as an opportunity to live the life we love and provide our friends with the best products at a great value. We genuinely hope you will stop by and visit us, and take a bit of this place home with you. See you soon!